A Question of Value

There exists in the world of street art an interesting question. Is all street art detrimental to a community, or are there examples of graffiti that is positive? And if there are examples of, what is deemed, "positive graffiti", at what point do those works change from being a blight, something chaotic and ugly, to becoming something valued within a community? I feel this is an interesting question for which there really is no clear answer. Is it the amount of time spent creating a piece? Or how well thought out the tag was before execution? Is graffiti more easily adopted if it is done by an individual? Or does the group mentality have a tendency to create more "beautiful" tags? That being said, the crew of TPL is clearly creating works of art that traditionally offer commentary on the city or the world around us, while remaining unmistakably meaningful.

P.S. there is a small section of this video (5:00) that gets a bit grainy. It clears up at the end and is worth it.

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