RAW : TECH_time + architecture + matter

Here, I am trying to reconcile the relationships between the many factors arising in my thesis research. Fundamentally, and of most concern is an architecture of time. Everything we do happens in a continuous thread of passing pasts, presents, and futures. If notions of material alchemy, entropy, and life cycles are of importance then it makes sense that time would become of monumental importance. Therefore, I have tried to equate other notions about RAW : TECH to time. It seems that the idea of the RAW harks back to the past, while notions of TECH or ecological hi-tech draw connotations to the future. This places ourselves, the human element, smack dab in the middle of it all. How might our human existence in the present begin to bind RAW : TECH? Might the thesis be RAW : HUMAN : TECH? Each piece relating to the difference phases of time?

These are just fantastically early thoughts about relationships, but I'm feeling pretty good about the general direction of things.

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